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Werewolf for Hire: The Ghost of Goresthorpe Grange

There are dark mysteries in Victorian London. Many events do not reach the papers or are misreported, as they appear too strange to be taken seriously. The murky threats are largely ignored.

Sherlock Holmes is just beginning his career as a consulting detective, but he puts no stock in the supernatural and attributes everything to natural causes that may be discovered through intellect and an examination of the facts.

Addy Spencer used to be of the same mind. At least, until she comes to work for Mordecai Black, a private investigator with a self-proclaimed title of “Werewolf for Hire.” Events during their case analysis lead Addy to doubt her senses, and she launches her own investigation as to whether her employer is a real werewolf or not.

If the supernatural truly exists, there is a pressing need for someone to take the cases that Sherlock Holmes refuses.