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OMalley coat of arms

Why the Red Boar?

The boar comes from the coat of arms of the O'Malley clan in Ireland. The most famous family member was Grace O'Malley, the 16th century Irish pirate queen.
The red boar symbolizes their ferocity in battle, and the sailing ship above the helmet is a nod to the clan's significant feats of seafaring.

Our Story

I wrote a trilogy of children's books featuring a girl named Molly O'Malley. Molly traveled back in time to meet Grace O'Malley (among a number of other adventures). Between the stories and my own Irish heritage, I felt a connection to the wild Irish boar.

Red Boar Studios games

See our roster of board games, including new and classic versions.

Chess Doodle / Buried Treasure Publishing

Chess Doodle is an outgrowth of my publishing company, Buried Treasure Publishing. Visit the combined online store for more information, or the books menu on this site for all books from Buried Treasure Publishing.

Meet the Team

It's just me.

At the beach 300 x 225

Duane Porter

Owner, artist, author

Duane Porter has been writing stories forever, and has been actively publishing since 2007. Now retired from a career in Information Technology, he thrives on action/adventure tales across a number of genres. Always having had an interest in graphic composition, he has recently started using AI tools to illustrate several works. Mr. Porter also works with other authors to edit and illustrate their books, and has begun translating select works into Spanish.

His books cover a broad range of ages, to include picture books, chapter books, middle grade books, and YA.

Mr. Porter is married with two children and three grandchildren.

 I always loved playing the icebreaker game when meeting new business contacts where you list three things, one of them being the only false statement, and the people have to guess which one it is. My three statements were:
A) I have an engineering degree.
B) I am a published author.
C) I have two patents.
Since I was in IT hardly anyone guessed the correct falsehood, A.