Chapter Books

Charlie and the Chess Set

Charlie is a pretty normal kid. But he is shortly going to find things taking a turn for the extraordinary!

When he becomes frustrated trying to learn the rules of chess, Charlie is whisked off to a world of giant living chess pieces who take turns showing him how they move. Each piece has its own story and role in the Game. They share with Charlie the importance of teamwork, sacrifice and loyalty that he will need as a Player.

Charlie and the Chess Set teaches beginning chess players all the rules of the Game, the concept of pieces working together, and chess notation. Fantasy, imagination and family values combine to create a unique method of learning that players will not soon forget.

This is a wonderful resource for any young player learning chess, as well as for more experienced players who thought there were no more surprises!

The Seirawan Factor

Two years have passed, and Charlie is locked in a tough match against his archrival Hannah York in the Midtown Junior Chess Tournament. Before he can relish his come from behind win, he is once again summoned to the world of the jumbo chess pieces.

Things are different this time. There's a mystery to solve - strangers are nearing the board, and both Kings want answers. And somehow, Hannah has traveled to the giant chess world with him.

Together they must face the unknown, find a way to deal with their own differences, and ensure that the Game of chess remains safe.

One thing is for sure - nothing will ever be the same...

Kindle Edition Only

A Spooky Halloween: Choose Your Own Adventure

This is a “choose your own adventure” book. Begin on the starting page and click a link to choose what you would like to do next.

You will be in charge. You will write your own story.
There are many stories in this book. Some are fun. Some are scary. Many have consequences should you make a poor choice. Learn from them; there are clues hiding behind each encounter.

The best part is that when your story finally ends, you can always start over again. You can find out what would have happened if you had opened that other door, or if you hadn’t run away.

There are no winners or losers in this book. There is only the author who decides what the character does next. Today, you are the author.

It’s time to start your spooky Halloween adventure.